Friday, December 26, 2008

Montana Christmas Pictures

Isabel, Erica, and I were all awake by 6:30 Christmas morning. This far north, that is still an hour before sunrise.

The rest of the extended family was not ready to start in on opening presents right away, so Isabel patiently bide her time watching "A Christmas Story" for the ten thousandth time.

Once everyone else was up, dressed, fed, caffeinated, and ready to go, we got down to the serious business of unwrapping. Isabel was thrilled to get the iPod she has been wishing for.

She also got a skateboard, but because outside looked like this...

...she had to be satisfied by trying it out in the garage.

We had a good Christmas with lots of friends and food and family and snow. Who could ask for anything more?


  1. Hey, is that a on-the-floor, console TV??? I thought for a second that was a photo from Christmases from MY childhood. How will they handle the leap to Digital???

  2. Good eye, Elizabeth! It is indeed an on-the-floor console t.v. Erica's grandfather has had his old RCA for at least as long as I have known her--since early 1995. Grandpa Andy himself brought up the switch to digital in conversation yesterday--he has it under control.