Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Short List of Things WORSE Than the Last Metro North Train Back To New Haven After a Night in New York City:


Global Warming:

The Great Depression:


  1. I know this was supposed to be funny, but that photo of polar bear really depressed me. Also, if you read my post from today you will note I am feeling really Depressed about about the Language Depression.

  2. And I thought the last train back to Greenwich was bad.

  3. Oh, you should have been me at the Miley Cyrus concert last night observing the demise of the innocence of 17,000 eight year-olds. Truly horrifying glimpse of the over-sexualization of a barely pubescent teenage girl. Complete with crotch cam in the floor beaming to the 20 foot high jumbotron. We left, as did many others. Just so sad. I guess it was out there in media I generally ignore, but I was trusting. Ugh.