Monday, January 17, 2011

Been Too Long

I have not posted anything to this blog for months and now it is starting to feel like a “thing.” It is starting to feel like nothing is worth posting—like who the hell cares what I have to say anyway? I don’t want this sort of relationship with writing, so I am just going to take a picture or two and throw this up, just to say I have posted something. You know?

Isabel chose new colors for her bedroom recently and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said, “I want you to make me a blanket for my new room.” So, we went to the craft store, picked out some yarn, and settled on a pattern.

Here is the first 20% of the blanket, which I project will take six more weeks to finish. When I finish I’ll post a picture of the final product.

Update: Here is how the blanket now looks, on Saturday, February 26.

Now, here it is March 18, 2013 and the blanket is finally finished.  So, it took 2 years rather than the six weeks I thought it would.  Here is the finished product:

And here she is, actually using the blanket to hide from her father and his camera:


  1. I do. Your introspective writing makes me reflect on my own life in a way that I rarely pause to do. And for that, I thank you.

    Like the stripes.


  2. I think knitting or crocheting might be a metaphor for thinking. What are you thinking about?