Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Few More Beautiful Things

I have not posted each day, but I have been noticing some beautiful things this week and it really has helped me not get lost in the stress of mortgage applications and searching for a job and writing Progress Reports for my 20 students.

One thing I saw was the sparkle in the eyes of a one-year old friend of ours as she splashed naked in a kiddie pool on a 90 degree day.  Her pool was in the shade, she was naked, the water felt refreshing, and life was good.  All of this and more showed in her eyes.

Another thing was the interplay of sunlight and dark clouds as some fairly severe thunderstorms ripped through on Sunday afternoon.  The clouds were towering cumulonimbus and they were saturated.  The bottoms were turbulent and the tops were boiling higher as I watched--pushed by updrafts to over 30,000 feet.  At one point Isabel and I drove into a wall of rain.  One second it was clear with blue skies directly overhead and the next we could see a white wall of rain coming north up Whitney Avenue.  We drove into the wall and it felt like going through a waterfall.

One other beautiful thing I saw this week was Monday night at the Bodyology workout place I go to sometimes in Hamden.  Their workouts are tough.  They are generally comprised of both strength and cardio components and they demand high reps at high intensity with minimal resting time.  These workouts consistently kick my ass.  Everything is timed, and the big red numbers on the timer are visible from everywhere in the room.  Monday's workout was especially hard and as I neared the end I wasn't sure if I could make it all the way through without hurling or quitting.  But I did.  And this is the beautiful thing I took away from that night:

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